Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Unique Nature of Christmas Cookies

“Is Tina still blogging?”
            I hear Carly Cott’s voice above the chatter and Christmas music coming from downstairs as I type away at the blog I completely forgot to write. Procrastinating the blog even further I sat eating an array of Christmas cookies and treats my friends and I all made for our ugly sweater cookie exchange. As I munch away, I begin to realize each cookie contains its own unique flavor and I realize how people resemble cookies; each with their own identity, yet all grouped under a common name.  Glancing down upon my plate, I decide to compare each treat to the characters from our books.

Fudge: Some individuals cannot get enough fudge, yet sometimes with its rich taste and heavy texture people can only take so much of the delicious treat. McMurphy resembles this overpowering treat; the patients cannot get enough of him, while the nurse has her plate full with him. Unlike any other treat, fudge has its own unique identity and with its strong flavor parallels McMurphy’s overpowering confidence.  

Sugar Cookie: The most reliable, simplistic cookie of them all, everyone knows what to expect when they bite into one.  Ashima with her faithfulness to her culture and family, never poses as someone else. She resembles the sugar cookie in that her sweetness and reliability continues throughout the story.

Chocolate- Covered Pretzel: One of my favorite foods, chocolate pretzels can also deceive an individual. With the chocolate outside hiding the pretzel within, the chocolate-covered pretzel resembles the Big Nurse. She desperately tries to mask her impatience and devilish personality under a smile, yet when the patients get to know her they see right through her false sweetness into her salty personality.

Fruit Cake: I do not know anyone who truly enjoys fruitcake, yet the desert remains a symbol of Christmas tradition. The nurse’s black boys resemble fruitcake in that the patients strongly dislike them, yet their presence continues with little doubt they will leave because of the Big Nurse.

Peanut Butter Cookies: I believe these cookies never receive the attention they deserve. Completely delicious, they take a backseat to chocolate- chip cookies and other well-known treats. The Big Nurse overshadows the doctors in the hospital, even though they each contain their own strong personality. At the end of the book the doctor finally stands up to the Big Nurse and receives the attention he always deserved.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: As the classic, chocolate chip cookies represent the patients in the ward. Chocolate chip cookie recipes vary, some containing oats, m&ms, chocolate chunks, or mini chocolate chips.  With their unique personalities, each patient in the ward resembles a different type of chocolate-chip cookie. Banished from society because of their differences one forgets they still all share the common identity as chocolate-chip cookies.

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