Monday, April 11, 2011

McMurphy's Discussion Domination

The whole class looks up at I strut in, late as usual and too cool to care. Ms. Serensky attempts to put me in my place, but I just smirk and find a seat. If I could take on Nurse Ratched, I can put up with anyone.  I take out a sharpie and scribble across the desk MCMURPHY to clear up any absurd thoughts that another could sit in the center seat.  A discussion begins as usual and though I have no idea as to what everyone mutters about I holler out whatever comes to mind and look for Ms. Serensky to put a mark next to my name. I go along with Henry in his declarations that Carolyn “loves nature” and just to mess with him I back Carolyn up when she tells him his “robot voice is terrible”. Discussion for points means a game, like poker, and one I plan to come out on top of.  I receive dirty looks from the others in the room but I couldn’t care less, I’m bigger and I could take any of them if a brawl over discussion points breaks out. Someone tries to cut me off and I snap, “This [discussion]…belongs to the strong, my friend!” (64). I feel even though my classmates don’t always seem as smart as me, they can make the inference that I am the strongest and thus they must follow my lead.  A few students look up and I can see the class does not quite understand my opinion about English and its brutal nature. Well I’ll clear it up for them. Our grades are “based on the strong getting stronger by devouring the weak. We must face up to this. No more than right that it should be this way” (64). My blunt statement sends the class into a tizzy. Everyone tries to get their opinion in, awkward instances when three people try to talk fill the air, people make pathetic apologies to each other, and I sit sickened by the civility.  Well I don’t care, everyone in the class “is a rabbit” anyways (64). I am a wolf, and I fully enjoy today, my best day in AP English.

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