Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye Peers

In the great white room
There was a telephone
And an essay plan
And a picture of—
The pigeon pooping on a man
and there were many good books, sitting in nooks
and two little twins and a game for wins
and a journal I wrote and always a quote
and a pen and a blog and a book with some fog
and a quite intense lady who was yelling out “hush”
goodbye peers
goodbye years
goodbye pigeon pooping on a man
goodbye light and the essay plan
goodbye books and goodbye nooks
goodbye twins and goodbye wins
goodbye themes and goodbye teams
goodbye journal I wrote and goodbye quote
goodbye pen and goodbye blog
goodbye nobody goodbye fog
and goodbye intense lady yelling out “hush”
goodbye stress, goodbye years
goodbye fellow English peers


  1. Tina, I absolutely love this! It is whimsical, yet realistic. It makes me sad to think about saying goodbye to everything and you managed to face feelings that we have all been hiding from in a forthright manner. I do look at the photo of the pigeon and the statue a lot. I try to figure out the meaning behind it. I feel like there are infinite levels of analysis one could do to it. Anyways, I like how you used the childhood book as an inspiration.

  2. Tina, I think you did a really amazing job on this! It still had all the same fun that made Goodnight Moon such a popular story! I think the way that you made saying goodbye (to highschool) sort of childish; it made everything a little less serious. I never really liked the book Goodnight Moon, but this definitely made me appreciate it more. I really like all of the things you said "goodbye" to, especially the things that I am very pleased to say goodbye to, like essay plans and stress. I wish my farewell blog could be this creative!

  3. This was a fabulous parody on Goodnight Moon, Tina. I'm not gonna lie, this was a tear-jerker for me. Goodnight Moon was a literary staple at my house, so it brought out some memories. The repetition of "goodbye" didn't help. You did a great job highlighting everything we all will remember fondly from AP English.