Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dumfounded: Dislike for Deceptions

As one of my favorite snack food, white chocolate covered pretzels provide the perfect union of sweet and salty flavors. Today as I snacked out whilst working on my datasheet, I began to wonder how white chocolate and dark chocolate can differ so greatly in flavor. A quick break on my data sheet and a Google search later I stumble on the finding that white chocolate contains cocoa butter which comes from the fat of the cacao bean. Apparently the F.D.A decided a few years ago that white chocolate does not count as actual chocolate and the retailers choose to deceive me by labeling cacao bean fat as chocolate. My frustration took me back to earlier today in English when we discussed how no one enjoys deception in any form. During the movie I felt I could trust Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in Shutter Island, yet he too deceived me in the end.  In a rage I ceased work on my datasheet to find out just how many times common things have tricked me.
1.      Mini goldfish: The actual size picture on the bag contains false information, my finding report a significant amount appear quite larger than the picture leads one to believe.
2.      Inchworm: Ironic how these bugs neither extend an inch in length nor categorizes as a worm.
3.      Movie theatre candy: One pays for a box of raisinets only to find a mini bag of them, half the size of the surrounding box.
4.      Shooting stars: Nope, not stars actually meteors. My newfound knowledge has led me to the realization I have been wishing on falling chunks of rock all my life.
5.      French fries: The name alludes the fries originate in France, yet this fatty food actually originates in Belgium. I will now ask for Belgium fries on my next trip to McDonalds.
6.      Pencil lead: Seeing as one can receive lead poisoning from lead, pencil lead actually contains graphite.
7.      Hundred Years War: lasted 116 years.
8.      Hot dog: obviously I never believed hot dogs to actually contain dog, yet the name dumfounds me as I wonder the benefits of naming a food after man’s best friend.
9.      Funny Bone: Renamed Funny “spot where the ulnar nerve runs close to the surface”.
10.  Mongolian Barbecue: The perfect type of restaurant if one plans on avoiding barbecue food and enjoys dishes that originate in Taiwan.

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  1. Tina, I found myself reading your posting in utter amazement, feeling betrayed. I guess that proves that many of us greatly dislike deception. Life runs much more smoothly if I know the facts rather than feel tricked by things with names that do not actually relate to their essence.