Sunday, January 2, 2011

End of Break, Return to Insanity

As break comes to an end, I dread tomorrow morning when I will find myself forced out of bed and into the cold to start yet another day of school. I cannot help but feel like one of the patients at the ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; they felt the freedom of the fishing trip, only to return to the ward once the day came to an end. From the start of school in August till the moment December 19th arrived, break provided me with a means of excitement and something to look forward to. I can relate to the patients who looked forward everyday to when they could finally leave the ward and set off on the adventure of their trip.  With the constant supervision, precisely timed schedules and monotonous routine, one can make the comparison of the insane asylum to high school. Although I return excited about the prospect of watching a movie in AP English, afterwards school will resume as if our vacation never occurred. Winter break has come to an end with the same fashion of every other Sunday night: me in front of my computer, forced to complete my blog that I once again left until the last day. Just as the patients’ confidence and happiness eventually subsided, school will replace the carefree days of break with the mundane daily routine of more than 600 students shuffling around the halls, wondering how the break went by so fast, resigned to the impending doom of final exams.

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