Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Benefits of a Backpack

The summer before I began seventh grade, my handy-dandy blue backpack broke. I made the decision to take the opportunity and change things up, since, obviously I was about to become a super cool middle school-er. Six years and 10 bags later I finally made the switch back to backpacks and I must say, the transition was very awkward. Not only did friend do a double take when they saw me without my old colorful bag, but I find people bump into my backpack while I stand at my locker. I am yet to determine whether the bumping occurs with everyone or whether I am just unlucky. Yet, after roughly two weeks I have come to realize the significant differences a backpack makes in my daily routine that a purse, sorry Haley, could never accomplish. For starters, all my huge binders fit perfectly within my new backpack and I no longer need to spend 5 minutes outside my car, in the freezing cold, figuring out a means of stacking all my oddly shaped supplies. With everything on my back, both of my hands become completely free. At first, I felt weird and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now I carry a water bottle in one hand and my really cool Scooby-Doo mystery machine lunch box in the other. The incredible compartment space creates yet another reason to make the shift from purses to backpacks. In my experiences with purses, I have come to recognize they turn into black holes that suck in all pens, notes, erasers and anything else one would need at the drop of a hat. Digging around for a pen when Ms. Serensky announces the beginning of an in-class writing proved a huge stressor in my life. In my observations from first semester, I can conclude that those who sit next to a purse-user also support the switch to backpacks. For example, I am pretty sure Jimmy would have loved to see Haley walk into class with a backpack instead of the largest purse ever made. After six years of categorizing myself as a purse-user I can proudly say I broke away and now enjoy the comfort of my new backpack every day.


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  2. Tina~
    I definitely was a little weirded out at the beginning as you abandoned the purse wearers and joined the backpackers. As an avid purse supporter, I was shocked at first, but now I am used to your new look. I do agree with your argument that backpacks are more convenient because of their ample room for various textbooks and binders. As a purse user, I often have to carry one book in my arms because my school bag is not big enough, but I also think I would feel awkward with my arms completely free. I disagree with your 'black hole' argument though, because I think that things are just as likely to become lost in a backpack as they are in a purse. I think there are upsides and downsides to both types of these school accessories. I do admire your bravery to make the change, so congratulations on the successful switch!

  3. Tina, I completely agree with your switch to backpacks. I have been a backpack user all of my life, and I cannot imagine not having it close by at all times. It is much more convenient while walking in the halls, and provides large amounts of spaces for my magnitudes of binders and books. Also, the bumping occurs for everyone. However, I find it as protection because I would much rather have someone bump into my backpack with their pointy pencils than my bare back. Ouch!