Monday, May 2, 2011

Intensity of the AP English Exam

Amy: “It’s only eight in the morning” (92)
McMurphy: “I never saw a scareder-looking bunch in my life” (70)
Amy: “The thing is, I’m not sure I [would] want to take it either”(238)
Algernon: “nobody ever does” (19)
McMurphy: “Then why? Why?...why do they stand for it?” (195)
Algernon: “Oh! There is no use speculating on that subject” (3)
McMurphy: “They’re nuts” (195)
Algernon: “It is absurd to have a hard-and-fast rule about what one should read” (4)
Amy: “So stupid…I [wouldn’t] do stuff like this!” (205)
Algernon: “I call it grotesque” (30)
McMurphy: “I might agree with you” (228)
Algernon: “Literary criticism is not your forte, my dear fellow. Don’t try it” (6)
McMurphy: “Why?” (195)
Algernon: “You should leave that to people [In AP English]. They do it so well in their daily papers”(6).
McMurphy: “All right, all right…” (273).  


  1. Hahah Tina I like this. I agree with McMurphy's question of why we stand for it? I'm not quite sure. I feel like whenever we complain about data sheets or english, all of our non-AP English friends ask us this. And we never have an answer. I feel like it's just accepted now that we complain and then end up doing our assignment. And, we are nuts, maybe because of AP English and for many other reasons as well.

  2. Tina, I really liked your blog! Algernon's response to McMurphy on line 13 made me laugh out loud. You also did a fantastically good job of making it one conversation from all the different quotes you used. I hard a hard time doing that in my blog.

  3. Tina, this is so funny! All of your quotes flowed so well together I really felt like all the characters could have been actually having this conversation in a real story. Algernon's quote about the literary criticism works perfectly. You did a really good job of portraying this scenario solely with quotes. Good job!