Thursday, December 2, 2010

Panic Attacks

Kicking off my long weekend I am home from babysitting early, lounging on my sofa watching old Office seasons and completely relaxed at 10:00 on a Thursday night. Laughing to myself as I watch The Office, season three, I get an episode where Kelly, a worker in the office of Indian decent, invites everyone to a traditional Indian holiday and Michael calls a meeting to discuss toleration of other cultures. Least to say I didn’t get through 5 minutes of the episode. My feet turned into wheels like they do in cartoons and I was up my stairs in the blink of an eye shouting for whoever was on the computer to be gone in .2 seconds. At that moment in the show The Namesake had popped into my head and the forgotten blog post immediately followed. The panic attack recently experienced simply adds to the numerous realizations of forgotten turnitin.coms and upcoming in class writings. So what about AP English drives me so crazy? I have two main theories to answer this constant question. A) The teacher.  “I’m the best… as usual” a quote from Ms. Serensky from class today. When monitored by the best I find it hard to not become nervous about slip ups. B) The realization that by putting this class on a pedestal, whether by choice or fear, I will keep up with the fast pace and graduate with expert writing skills.  I believe at the current time I’m leaning towards A for the answer on this one.

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  1. Tina, I also experienced blogging induced panic this weekend. I agree with your reasoning as to why we feel this way, but I also want to add something. I think that all AP English students are secretly in a battle for the title of Ms. Serensky's favorite student, and are constantly terrified of disapointing her.