Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Inevitable Flight

While the rest of my classmates stress over a tune to sing for Bobbi’s Blog Banter and discuss the latest reading from Amsterdam, I will find myself soaring over rural Indiana, on my way to the Windy city. Up in the air I will no doubt find myself seated beside one of the following individuals. I’ll begin with “The Chatter” a seemingly nice person who refuses to respect my desire to plug in my iPod and sleep through the short flight.  “The Chatter” will talk for hours, somehow expecting for us to part from the plane as best friends forever. I could also find myself next to “Mr. Large”, the man who should actually purchase two seats in order to stop his body from spilling over into my area. The encounter with “Mr. Large” can only be described as awkward. We both recognize the unfortunate circumstance, but I could never bring myself to suggest he could go without those extra peanuts, or that the diet coke does nothing. Even worse, I could wind up behind “The Lounger”, this person takes advantage of his/her recline button and sends the contents of my tray, peanuts and ginger ale, into my lap. When the first bit of turbulence hits, one can easily identify “The Paranoids”, those who fear for their lives and down Xanix before convincing themselves to step on the plane.  As I watch them I half expect one to shout out “I see dead people” and I will join into with their hysteria. “The Businessman”, a person favorite of mine, argues with the stewardess as he demands to leave on his Bluetooth, blackberry, laptop, pager and every other electronic device one could possibly own because he somehow overlooks the fact Verizon provides insufficient service 30,000 feet up. Who knows what or who lies ahead but I will somehow find a way to survive the journey.

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  1. Tina I've had uncomfortable encounters with almost all of these types of people and I feel your pain. One that would go on my list would have to "The Crier," a baby that screams its head off throughout the entire flight. I feel bad for the poor kid but at the same it drives me absolutely crazy.